Medicating Your Pet

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What to know before medicating your pet from Greenies Pill Pockets

Your pet’s well-being depends on his/her willingness to take medicine as prescribed.

Be sure to review the following medication checklist for your prescription.

Medication Details:

  • Name of medicine
  • Type of medicine
  • The condition it treats


  • Number of doses per day
  • Time of day to give
  • Quantity to give with each dose
  • How long to continue medicine
  • Administer with or without food

Potential Issues:

  • Medication Interactions
  • Food Restrictions
  • Common Side Effects
  • Risks of not following recommendations
  • When to call the veterinarian

Administering Instructions:

  • Keeping pets from spitting out pills
  • Making pill time enjoyable
  • How Greenies Pill Pockets treats can help